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» » Game A Blow-By-Blow Look At Mafia III’s Deadly Take On New Orleans - Review

Game A Blow-By-Blow Look At Mafia III’s Deadly Take On New Orleans - Review

Mafia III

A Blow-By-Blow Look At Mafia III’s Deadly Take On New Orleans

Game A Blow-By-Blow Look At Mafia III’s Deadly Take On New Orleans  - Review


Game A Blow-By-Blow Look At Mafia III’s Deadly Take On New Orleans  - Review



The recently released trailer for the highly anticipated Mafia III. Let me remind you that the development of this game were not aware of the date of the second part of the series (Mafia 2, August, 24, 2010) until 28 July 2015. Yes, we waited 5 years, having no idea whether the continuation of the series is developed or not. This trailer shows that we have been waiting for a reason.

Let's start with the fact that the basic principles have been affected by a series of Mafia: instead for the third time to become a soldier of the Italian mafia, we just start to destroy it. The protagonist Lincoln Clay returned home to New Orleans after the Vietnam War. His family has not accepted may be Cleavers - they are active members of the black crowd of the city - but for a man who grew up in a Catholic orphanage, it offers stability, he longed for his entire life. It ends with an act of violence, and now simply wants to destroy the glue of the Mafia leader, Sal Marcano.


"In our early conversations, we discussed the possibility of returning the term" mafia "as something more than the Italian mafia," said Haden Blackman, head of the studio and creative director of developer Hangar 13. "We wanted to move the action Mafia trend continued forward with each game of the series: first, we decided to take 60 years, and then set the exact date - 1968 year. There are many reasons why it was selected this year. It was kind of the first two parts that came together, and this was as: "If we're going to try to return the word mafia is more than the Italian Mafia, which should be our main character? It will be in the late sixties, does this mean please, who is our hero? "And his experience from the Vietnam Veteran, being of mixed race in the southern city, the channels in everything that happens in 1968."

The demo version of the game begins in the streets near the French Chamber of. It is dark, but the street is teeming with people. Always something going on. The chatter on the streets merry and happy, but Lincoln was not funny. Today, he went out to clean up the enemy shelter.

It passes through the crowd to the intersection, block the police car. Cherry light pours everything around the bright red color. Color of blood. As we approach the Lincoln sees interracial couple worried by police. They tell him to go further and Lincoln boldly goes forward. Generally, the player can choose what to do in situations like this, but perhaps not this time.

Lincoln goes on, the music from the right club gets louder. Soon he came to the place. The club breaks the silence loud music, drowning out the sounds of the city. Across the street is the church. It is the first stop in the mission of Lincoln. Dancing wait.


Traffickers made the cemetery their secret base and place for experiments. Couple getting high and having a great time, but on the other side of the spectrum people have been vomit on his shirt, and next to a drug addict asks the dealer to break. One of these dealers has information on asylum, and of course, the icon "interrogate" appears over one of his goals.

Lincoln was patient until now, but soon melts. He waits a bit and begins a fierce firefight. The tombs, stairways, stone buildings - all this has become a cover behind which hides Lincoln, quietly destroying the well armed crew. He was very well-trained in the military, so now he can kill the remaining bandits in seconds. However, in the chaos of people running away in the convertible. Lincoln is trying to catch up with him in a stolen in the same place car.

Under the rear-view mirror appears the counter, and reckless driving his Lincoln inches with each near miss, drift and turn into oncoming traffic. Topping speedometer - rendered in full glory analog, needles and all - has a similar effect on the victim, too. "Fortunate Son" Creedence Clearwater Revival is played on the radio, masking the whining of our new friend. In the end, passengers panic spill location asylum. That player has the option of showing mercy. Lincoln chooses not to do that by shooting him and mocking him, you can not trust a snitch.


Perhaps Lincoln could avoid problems with the police before, but now the police starts to chase him. He could lose the chase, driving through several strategic avenues and ditches. This is a temporary recovery, so it is good that Lincoln has so many friends.


In the trailer for Lincoln joined three. One of them - Kassandra - the leader of the Haitian gang, which has serious problems with the Italians. Burke - a member of the Irish mafia with similar problems. And finally, the third Lincoln's friend - Vito Scaletta, the protagonist of Mafia II. It took 15 years, he had aged and turned gray, but he's still ready to kill. Interesting fact - Vito fights against the Italian mafia, too, although he had previously been a member of it. What happened to his partner, Joe, after the end of the second part of the franchise, it is not known - it is found throughout the game.


"His office is literally on the fish restaurant at the marina, and it looks at the city as the center of the city. And he's got this little, tiny piece of the pie, and he wants that," says Blackman. "It's like he's still after that the desire for power, he still wants the city, but we have it at a fish restaurant with a chum machines in it."


It is tempting to talk to Vito about the good old days, but did not seem the time. Instead, Lincoln gets to the pay phone and works on the stand. Each one of his lieutenants to offer different services, for example - getting rid Lincoln of the chase. It pays to have friends in low places, especially if they are friends with crooked cops.

Now, Lincoln knew the location of refuge and decides to visit it. Convertible - a bad choice for a man who wants to kill, so he steals another, more modest car. Previous driver was configured it to talk radio, and we hear talk about the beginning of the reporting strong pro-segregation stand George Wallace.

Like that earlier collaboration with the police and broadcast hinted at, the setting and period games are filled with volatile subject, especially when it comes to race in America. This is what the developers of not erasing its history, and it was, of course, a few cases where the symbols used language likely to start a fight today.

"This is 1968, this part of the world, and we are not going to shy away from it - but we also will not stand up to the podium," said Blackman. "Language is the language of the time, but the reaction on the player who will be the reaction to the player that - we're not going to prescribe it. We do not force Lincoln to do anything specific on the basis of what happens in a period of time. I would also add, at that time the race is one of the things that part of the identity of Lincoln, it's not the only thing that defines him. This is important, no doubt about it, but it is also determined by the fact that he was an orphan, and the fact that it is true, he vet Vietnam -. And all of these relationships "


Continue to page two to see how Lincoln infiltrates the Cistern


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