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» » Game Tomb Raider’s Smarter Side - Review

Game Tomb Raider’s Smarter Side - Review

Author: Film on 13-08-2015, 09:27
Lara Croft Go

Tomb Raider’s Smarter Side

Game Tomb Raider’s Smarter Side  - Review


Game Tomb Raider’s Smarter Side  - Review



Lara Croft is brave, resourceful woman, and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She also challenge your mind in your next adventure.

Lara Croft Go is an adaptation series Tomb Raider mobile style puzzles. The second in a row, the mobile adaptation of the game from Square Enix (the first - Hitman Go). Unlike its predecessor, the new game of Lara Croft uses the aesthetics of the board game.

The game returns a large number of interesting puzzles (I recall that in the last games of the series for the PC, they are almost completely absent), but graphic style will be minimalistic, with almost no texture. Basically, they will be treated to a variety of obstacles in Lara's way, like self-destroying platforms or moving blades.

At Gamescom, I was able to play a little into a new game and test the recently declared the boss (there will be some, but I only saw one). Hitman Go was aimed at the destruction of all who stand in Agent 47's way, but this game is much more friendly: you just need to solve puzzles to pass the levels without a huge number of murders

For example, in a grave in the jungle, I raided, and now I need to build a great bridge to get to the lair of the giant snake boss. To defeat the boss, you need to accurately navigate between cells and inflict enormous damage.

Lara Croft Go also has a number of objects hidden around the environment. They include precious stones and pieces of artifacts. They are often obscured, and more than once I did not notice one until I stole up to the last level of space and out. They will add replay value for those who want to squeeze a lot out of the game as possible.

Unlike most of the games presented on this site at the time of this writing, apparently, the game has been fully developed and is just waiting in the wings. Lara Croft Go out on August 27 for the MOD and Android.


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